At Sekgala and Njau Attorneys we understand and appreciate the sensitivity attached to family matters and in particular the emotional aspects of divorce proceedings. Unlike any other area of law, we know divorces are more than just paper work – it’s about people.

With this mind, our team will handle your divorce case with the necessary care and expertise so as to ensure that the process is less fraught with anxiety and stress especially when minor children are involved.

There are mainly two types of divorces, contested (opposed divorce) and uncontested (unopposed divorce). The uncontested divorce is the most effective option with minimal impact on the parties. When divorce proceedings are contested instead of being finalised in less than a few months, they can take up to 3 years.

Our advice on divorce and family law matters includes aspects such as: division of assets, parental plans, child contact (also known as custody), domestic violence, protection orders and maintenance court applications.